(7/29/2013) – Going to start it soon.

I’ve been watching Youtube commentators for ~4 years now, and it has helped me through some of the sadder parts of life. Channels like Roosterteeth, The Creatures, Northernlion, Yogscast, and many more. Throughout the years I have been studying what it takes to do what they do, and how to have fun while doing it. 

There is no doubt in my mind that I’m not going to make this a career. By the time I am able to have the time for consistent uploads, and all the fun insider stuff, Youtube will probably be a saturated market, and not a place where I can make a steady income. That being said, I feel like I’ve spent too many years just watching, and now I want to make content of my own. 

A friend and I recently started a series called TPSP, or Two Player Single Player. It revolved around the two of us playing a single player game. We had a rather silly set up, the audio quality wasn’t the greatest, and you could tell my friend wasn’t as passionate about this as I was. Now, due to some complications, the series probably won’t be going forward as I had hoped.

I’ve been mulling some ideas around as to what my channel was going to be. I really enjoy watching Let’s Plays the most, so I think that it might be focused around that. However, the quick funny videos that some people produce (KYR SP33DY) is highly appealing as well. In the end though, I think Let’s Plays are where my commentating skills would mostly lie. I also really like the idea of showcasing games that recently came out, or are going to come out, in a review like fashion. Also, the wrestling games are something I think I could get a kick out of. Regardless, those just popped in might head.

So, now I’m in that in-between phase of not producing content, and producing content. I am currently ordering a quality mic on Amazon, plus all it’s accessories for ~$130. I have plenty of money laying around from Christmas and birthdays from a few years ago, so I figured spending it on a hobby would be my best investment. 

Anyway, that is the stage I’m in now. My mother is a developer, and when she heard that I wanted to start doing this whole Youtube thing, she highly suggested doing a blog of it. I shot her down fairly quick, seeing as no other Youtubers I knew of had done it. But, now that I’m writing it out, I think blogging my experience might actually benefit me. Hopefully this pans out the way I’d like it to.